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I made a reservation through Only because I was led to believe that I would receive a rebate. I read and re-read the requirementsvery carefully. I even had the help of one of their reps!!!

After I completed my stay I immediately sent the rebate form to and I NEVER received my rebate! They keep telling me they sent it but my bank is saying they did not and it's not on my statement so where could it be?

I am so angry that I have talked to numerous agents and SUPERVISORS and none of them have been able to resolve this issue! This is insane! I will NEVER book ANYTHING through them again and I advise you not to do so either!

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I just had the same thing happen to me.


Twice I tried to utilize their "price guarantee" and they weaseled out of it each time.The first time was because Priceline's price was below this supposed $40 minimum that they won't match prices under that amount.

The other was because of some make believe details about taxes ext... and that theirs was actually better. It's such ***. The customer service is some of the worst out there.

Lastly, there is this rebate floating around out there put out by that nobody has ever been able to redeem.

It's some really bad business and they need to fix how they are doing things.I'm never using again.


I made a reservation on for a well known hotel chain. billed my credit card for $361 . When I checked out I asked for a printed receipt. The printed receipt listed a price of $304. was supposed to get me the best price when in fact they cheated me.

The second issue is after I returned home sent me an e mail asking for a review. I had some minor issues with the hotel and refused to post my review even after they asked for it.

On the plus side the website makes it easy to locate a hotel close to your destination.

My suggestion is find your hotel on this site but be very careful on the price. Possibly even use a different service or call the Hotel directly for your reservation.


The same thing happened to me with my rebate! I NEVER received it and when I called about it they said it was emailed to me, which was a lie. Turns out the representative on the phone I booked through mistyped my email address and because of that they said it's too late. I also am unable to redeem my rewards points because of this guys typo.

Another time they charge me twice for the same reservation. When I called to complain I was hung up on FOUR times by the SAME guy Norman, who kept answering the phone in broken english.

After all this I said screw and went to book directly through the hotel themselves...and they turned out to be $10.00 cheaper! Even their "Best Price Guarantee" is a lie.


How many bad reviews does it take for people to "get it". Is it really worth the $10.00 savings you might make for the 100 MG valium you'll need when you arrive and everything is *** up! Good luck and be warned.

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