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purchased a hotel for 3 nights from up to hotel on night 1 at 4am(notified hotel morning of 1st nite purchased to let them know of my late arrival time).

arrived at hotel,no one was there,no lights,no one answering phone.called,they called hotel,came back on phone& said" it is supposed to be a 24hr front desk,we don't know why no one is there,we r very sry" they refused to refund!!! I had to buy another room,got no refund,said it wasn't their fault,and they MUST talk to the hotel manager cuz the refung would have to come from one answerd phone at hotel!! they still would not refund,or put me in another hotel for the night.I continued w/my vacation and stopped into the hotel the night of my second night. insisted they call their manager,I spoke w/the manager and apparently there was a power outage the night of my arrival so no front desk person.

she agreed to refund but stated I had to call first,they would call her,she would issue them a refund,then they would issue it to me. thank god for the manager since did nothing for me as I showed up to my hotel...but did not get to stay there and bought another room! they were extremely rude and did nothing for me.

in the end...yes,it worked out.but they should have refunded me immediately!I should not have had to try to get my money on my own,nor pay for another hotel that night

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